Preserving Sage and Brown Butter

My sage plants are about to flower, which is not what I plant them for. So, I’ve been out in the garden pruning them back, which left me with a lot of sage.

Sage is tricky. I love it, but it is very strong. That’s why the sage available is the store is rubbed not dried. Dried sage doesn’t taste very good. Last year, I found a recipe for sage pesto, which I tried. I was curious, because I thought that you couldn’t make sage pesto, it’s too strong. And I was right. You can’t make sage pesto, it tastes like mold.

One of my favorite ways to eat sage is in brown butter. So, I thought, let’s preserve it that way, frozen in a brown butter compound.


First, I removed about 1 cup of leaves from the stems.


Added them to one stick of butter in a pan over medium low heat.


Once the butter was all melted, I upped the heat to medium high, and cooked the sage leaves until crispy.

Then, I just turned off the heat, and allowed to cool for about 20 minutes.


I mashed the sage leaves with a potato masher, just so they weren’t so large. And combined the sage brown butter with 2 sticks of softened butter.

I put the butter on a piece of plastic wrap, rolled it into a log. Labeled it, and added it to a bag of other compound butters that I keep in my freezer.

Now, I have sage and brown butter ready at my fingertips.

When using, take care to not use too much, it is powerful.


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