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Melted Leeks

I love leeks, but they are a pain, and, if you are buying them, they are expensive.

So, I grow them. I am a big proponent of growing expensive and/or unusual produce, especially, if you have limited space.

Eventually, I am hoping to almost all my own food. But, I currently don’t have the space required to keep me in carrots and corn.

Anyway, that being said, leeks are dirty and the greens are tough. But with a little effort, melted leeks, ready to toss into any dish, can be at hand.

After harvesting the leeks. I chop off the root end, with the dirt, and briefly run under water. The leeks, white and green, are then rough chopped, and tossed into a bucket of water. I allow them to sit in the water for about 30 minutes, swishing them periodically.


Scoop the leeks out of the bucket, and into a colander. (Don’t pour them into the colander, most of the dirt sinks to the bottom). Rinse under water.

Drain briefly, then, in batches, puree them in a food processor or blender with oil or melted butter, just to get them moving.


Sweat them in a large frying pan, until soft or melted. I cook them for about an hour, starting over medium heat to get rid of the moisture, then lowering the heat as needed, so as not to stick.

Part of the way to pull off amazing food, at a moment’s notice, is having little products like this put up.

I freeze the melted leeks in ice cube trays, then bag them for future use.




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