Time for the Fall Garden

It sprinkled here yesterday. A good sign that the heat is over. Our heat is always over by Halloween, but other than that, we must play it by ear.

So, I have some transplants ready to go, once they harden off, brussels sprouts, kale, red and green cabbage. Others, I will direct seed, like favas. I’ve already planted the garlic, trying both a hardneck and softneck variety. I think that I will be happier with the hardneck, if it does well, because it has fewer, larger cloves. I hate all those little useless cloves in softnecks.

Broccoli and some cauliflower are already in.


Beets and fennel, I can do for most of the year. Celery root been in a few weeks. Lettuces are also year round.


Year round gardening isn’t difficult in my mild climate. Some years we don’t get a hard frost. But transitioning from one to another always has it’s share of chores.


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